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Professional Help with Dog Behaviour Problems

Are you having problems with your dog’s behaviour?

Are you struggling with issues such as:

  • Aggression towards dogs or other animals
  • Aggression towards people
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Complusive Behaviours
  • Resource Guarding
  • Destructive Behaviour
  • Fear or Anxiety 

I can help.

Why choose Owenbeg

What you get with Owenbeg Dog Behaviour:

  • Qualified Dog Behaviourist with over ten years practical hands on experience.
  • Positive reinforcement methods utilising the latest research and up to date non aversive methods 
  • 1-1 consultations in the comfort of your own home
  • A comprehensive written step by step behaviour modification plan tailored to your dog’s needs 
  • A follow up progress review visit
  • Unlimited phone and email support 


About Owenbeg


My name is Susan Finlay and I am a Qualified Canine Behaviourist. 

I am a force free Behaviourist.  I use positive reinforcement methods.  This means that I will not use force, intimidation, scare tactics or pain when working with any dog.

The methods I use are backed up by the latest research on dog behaviour and I ensure that I keep my knowledge up to date through continuing professional development.

I previously worked as the Deputy Manager for Assisi Animal Sanctuary, before setting up Owenbeg, and have a particular interest and experience in working with rescue dogs.

I am passionate about animal welfare and know first hand the special relationship that exists between an owner and their dog; however 'problem' behaviours can often mar this relationship. I work one on one with owners and their dogs; firstly to eliminate the problem behaviours and secondly to provide specifically tailored information, advice and support to enable owners to work more productively with their dog from then on, my aim being to repair, enhance and strengthen the bond between owner and dog.

The History behind the Owenbeg name:

The Owenbeg prefix was registered by my parents in the early 1960's. 

My parents were founder members of the Northern Ireland Basset Hound Club, members of NI Cocker Spaniel Club and the NI Chow Chow Club so I was lucky enough to grow up with these breeds.

Check out the Photo Gallery to see a selection of my family dogs and some of my clients...

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