"Bella came to me as a stray from the pound, soon she started to become very aggressive towards Benji, my other dog, especially when food was nearby. I also was unable to leave her in the house alone for any period of time, as she would become so distressed that she would bark continuously until I returned, and often destroy things around the house. This would often lead to fights with Benji. Her aggression would also sometimes transfer onto myself or other people.  Susan's techniques of using the reward system worked extremely well on Bella. Through working with Susan on tackling all of Bella's issues I am very happy and relieved to say that we now live in a very happy peaceful home.  Benji and Bella are now the best of friends!  Thank for all your help!!"

Julieanne Hill



“Purdey had one major problem.  My wife is disabled and unable to move fast and Purdey had a habit of mouthing her legs and ankles leaving many bruises.  We tried many techniques but could not stop it.  Susan came to our house and met Purdey, and shortly after created a personal programme for Purdey which we put into use immediately.  The difference in Purdey was remarkable.  She has stopped mouthing and her general behaviour has improved immensely.

If you have any problems with your dog we would not hesitate to recommend Susan from Owenbeg as she is friendly and uses humane methods to train dogs which is excellent.  Thank for all your help in solving our problems with Purdey”.

Mary and James Doe

Loki and Freya


"Thank you so much for assisting me with Loki and his separation anxiety issues.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I am so happy to see the changes in both my dogs.  The guidance you gave and the different training methods you showed me really helped me work with my dogs.  I can really see the benefit in being consistent and also the importance of being calm!  Again - thank you so much for all your help and your open and kind personality!  I will highly recommend you and your service! Thank you from me and my two rascals!"

Charlotte Drejmyr



"A mega big Thank You Susan for your life changing intervention with our little Toto.  We sought your help after several incidents when Toto had exhibited weird behaviour towards wheelie bins, bikes, pot plants, children and other dogs. I'd become anxious about walking him and had taken to walking him away from other dogs, children and traffic (not easy in a built up area). Things were going from bad to worse. Following a consultation, Susan communicated clearly to me her findings and helped me gain a good understanding of both the likely origin of the difficulties and went through the proposed management plan.  It was a real 'light bulb moment'' for me.  Susan, you are a legend, and I can't thank you enough for your help.  Much thanks"

Francis (and Toto)



"Nori came to us from the NI Greyhound Rescue Association and was extremely nervous around strangers and other dogs which was a real challenge, but the real issue was that Nori would not walk outside of our driveway, she just completely shut down.  Susan was great when working with Nori, very gentle and caring, she was able to show us some simple techniques that let us retrain Nori's way of thinking and stopped her shutting down. Nori is a lot less nervous outside and we have managed to get her into a walking routine.  Thanks to Owenbeg Dog Behaviour!"

Amelia Keenan and Thomas Monaghan



"Beau was adopted by ourselves at the age of two. A very thin, scared and timid English Springer. Whenever I came home from work Beau would flatten himself to the floor and hide his head. When feeding he would very tentatively step out of his bed to eat one mouthful before scampering back to bed. Any noise would send him straight to his 'safe place' where he stayed hidden. We met with Susan and explained our situation. Up until then it had seems like a string of futile efforts to get him to be happy. Susan understood all the issues and put together a plan to address them. Now armed with the tools we needed, and Susan's positivity and support, we had the confidence to know that we could help Beau.  Beau is now a different dog! I now have a Springer that lies across my chest to catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, can polish off a bowl of food in mere seconds and has decided that a run on the beach is around 25 miles too short. I never thought he would get to the dog he is now. Thank you Susan, we owe you so much."

Pete and Rachel, (and Beau)



"Our Springer Spaniel, Rosy, had issues with anxiety when alone and around strangers, especially men. She would bark relentlessly at strangers and had even air snapped a few times. We contacted Susan and she helped us to gain a new perspective on Rosy's behaviour. She showed us techniques to help Rosy gain confidence with strangers and to understand her thresholds better. Now we don't have to worry about where we take Rosy. We can take her to places with lots of people without worrying about her or her stress levels. Rosy is now absolutely fine staying by herself in the house! She no longer shows any signs of anxiety (pacing, drooling) like she was before and is no longer destructive. Pretty big change! We listened to Susan, put in the work and now have a much happier dog and a much happier life."

Abbye and Paul



"We had got a rescue male Malamute who soon showed that he was vey nervous around my young children and wouldn't let them near him without growling at them. He never tried to snap or bite but did show his teeth to warn them off. He would destroy the house if we left him on his own, had no recall and well, what can I say about walks... My husband had to walk him and even that was a struggle because Kylo pulled so much. I searched everywhere for help with no luck; that was until I found Owenbeg Dog Behaviour on Google. I cannot thank Susan enough for all her help. Now Kylo loves his walks, he loves the kids and loves to jump in the pool with them (weather permitting!). He is a big softy and such a great dog.  I couldn't have kept him if it wasn't for Susan. She provided loads of advice and support and he has come on in leaps and bounds. My young children who are 6,5 and 3 years old can now walk hm on his lead without an adult holding on as well. Thank you so much Susan.  Attached is a picture of Kylo with the boys."

Linzi Black



"Jerry is a lovely goofy boy however there were a few problems... He constantly nipped my wife Sharon and would really tantrum sometimes with her to get attention. As he got (a lot!) bigger, it became a real issue. He also had trouble with other dogs and would get over excited and growl and bark when he saw them during walks. After trying to no avail numerous tips on how to deal with the problems, and becomingly increasingly alarmed at some of the 'punishment' type solutions online, we contacted Susan at Owenbeg.  She visited our home for a consultation and to meet Jerry, and it's no exaggeration to say that they got on famously! Susan was extremely receptive to our needs and amazingly helpful with her approach. We got down to the work at hand with Jerry. Straight away we started to see results. He now walks with us in a much more relaxed way, the nipping is now non-existent and Sharon can enjoy cuddling with our big bear! Susan is a pleasure to deal with and Jerry absolutely loved her! Her lovely friendly manner, professionalism and background in animal care made us feel very confident in her services, and we were not disappointed."

Stephen and Sharon Rooney



"Our miniature poodle Neo was having some issues around snapping, he was also stuck like glue to my wife, Wendy. He has arthritis in his hips, his eyesight is deteriorating and he is on analgesic medication. We did not know how to get Neo to move when needed without him snapping and without hurting him. Our vet recommended Susan at Owenbeg Dog Behaviour. Susan is very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions and put us at ease, as we thought it would be nearly impossible for us to adapt Neo's behaviour. Once Susan had made out Neo's plan, which was easy to follow, we started to work with him.  At the follow up visit Susan was able to see how positively Neo had responded to the training. We are very grateful for Susan's input and it just shows you that you can teach an old dog new tricks!"

Dale and Wendy (and Neo)



"Charley is a Dachshund/Lakeland Terrier x with plenty of character... He is very lovable but has some anxiety issues and can be very nervous around children and people he doesn't know. He is also extremely noise sensitive. He suffered from severe anxiety attacks and separation anxiety. I tried all sorts of things for Charley including thunder shirts, anxiety tablets from the vet, but none of these were any help. I contacted Susan and she came out to assess Charley. She made out a plan and gave us plenty of advice. Charley started to make progress; a big one is that there have been no more anxiety attacks. I'm so glad I contacted Susan for her advice and help and I feel more confident in being able to help Charley with his anxiety. Susan is a lovely person and I would highly recommend her services. Charley even treated Susan to one of his hugs (which involves him snuggling himself right into your neck lol), a firm endorsement from Charley!"

Christine Moore



"We would like to thank Susan for her professional input with Zach, our three and a half year old Rottweiler. After a dog had attacked him he became very anxious around people and other dogs; not to mention becoming over protective of us, his family. Susan visited Zach at home and had a very calm approach with him. She taught us techniques as a family to help him overcome his anxiety and work to undo the damage that had been done by the dog attack. All of which resulted in a much more relaxed dog. Zach is now back to his old self. A big thank you from Zach and the McVeigh family for eliminating what was a very stressful situation."

Nichole McVeigh (& Zach)



"When I first brought Bailey home as  a pup he was reticent and fearful, He wouldn't approach us easily  and it took him a while to settle. Once he accepted us he was a real wee cuddle bug but when visitors came he became stressed and very vocal. When he was out on walks he balked at every noise and was visibly fearful of other dogs so much so that on one walk he managed to slip his lead in his panic and run off. I had no idea how to deal with these issues and searched for someone who could help. I came across Susan's website and contacted her straight away. She took time to listen to all my concerns which I found reassuring, and I really found myself looking forward to helping Bailey.  I then received a detailed plan of approach. I had lots of homework to do! At Susan's follow up she was delighted to see how far Bailey had come, He greeted her with a woof but settled quickly and was soon mischievously searching her bag for treats and snuggling up beside her on the sofa. Following Susan's advice I can now take Bailey out for walks and he has no problem with other dogs, passing cars and traffic noise. I am really pleased with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending Susan and her gentle approach to help owners and their dogs achieve results that are beneficial to both."

Edna Taylor



"This is Nina, my yellow Lab (pictured with Ellie, her half sister). When we first brought her home she was a normal happy puppy. After about 5 months I noticed she was starting to withdraw away from our living room, she was extremely reluctant to enter the room and would bolt through it to get to the kitchen, I was quite concerned and decided to contact Susan for advice. We chatted over the phone then arranged to meet up at my home to see exactly what was happening with Nina. After a couple of hours with Nina, Susan soon discovered that she was noise sensitive and was able to pinpoint the origin of the problem. So with Susan's expertise and guidance I worked with Nina to help her overcome her fear of the living room and to build her confidence. It has been hard work but worth it as she is no longer afriad of the living room and will now happily relax in the room. I could not have done this without the help of Susan. The great thing about it all is that I can still call on Susan if I need advice on anything."

Linda Clarke 



"Gus is a Border Terrier, he's very intelligent and very affectionate and LOVES people. Regardless, since he was around one year old he began to show aggression towards other dogs (usually bigger male dogs). I ignored this for a long time but then decided that I could take no more of the vicious lunging every time we tried to pass the majority of dogs (also getting looks of disgust from other owners was irritating!). I did a bit of research and found Susan at Owenbeg and we arranged a visit. After a friendly chat and an assessment of Gus I was given some helpful guidance, followed up with a written plan of how to address his aggression with techniques, such as working towards getting Gus to focus on me instead of the other dog. With hard work and practice Gus has been doing much better out on walks and I also feel that we have a stronger bond as he looks to me more now for instruction and praise. He even walked along with  Susan's dog with no issues. I would definitely recommend Susan, and do not think that because your dog is older or a certain breed that he/she cannot learn alternative ways of behaving!

Emma (and Gus)



"Len is a Springer/Collie cross that I adopted from Assisi Animal Sanctuary, he had originally been picked up as a stray. Although he was extremely nervous it really became a problem when I moved house and he became very reactive to sounds such as the doorbell and the phone, and also became quite aggressive. I was recommended Owenbeg Dog Behaviour by a girl in work. I was immediately reassured by Susan over the phone that Len was not a lost cause! Susan came to the house and observed Len and listened to the many worries that I had about him. I was then given a complete plan of action, which was very clear and easy to understand, on how to tackle the problems we had been having. The plan for Len took me through everything step by step and was accompanied by a lot of useful information and lots of games and brain training for Len, which he loved. If I had a query or question Susan was very quick to respond to phone calls and emails and Len has come on leaps and bounds (literally) and is no longer as nervous or aggressive. I would highly recommend Ownbeg to anyone who needs help with their dog."

Lynn (& Len)



"My husband and I decided to take in a male Springador to our home as we wanted another dog and a companion for our female Labrador, Marley. When he arrived and we introduced the two dogs he wasn't happy and made a go for my Lab who was terrified! From that moment I was terrified too, and kept myself and my son away from him even though he never showed any aggression towards us just the other dogs. I didn't want to send him back, I'd made a commitment to take the dog, so I contacted Susan at Owenbeg and chatted with her about the problems I was having with him. She was amazing, she spent ages with me and genuinely cared!! I did everything she suggested and in 2 weeks, yes 2 WEEKS, I had a different dog, I was totally amazed!! He's become the  most gentle animal I've ever known, and my son and him are inseparable. I just want to say that I couldn't have got here without Susan's help and advice, and I would have lost the chance to have this amazing dog!! So if you have any problems with a dog, big or small, Susan at Owenbeg is definitely the answer. I cannot recommend her enough!!  1000% worth it!!"

Selina Sampson (& Patch)



"As a new dog owner I felt completely in the dark when it came to dealing with the problems I was having with my new pup. Lots of people giving me lots of different advice. Oscar, my Shih Tzu, was eating loads of things he shouldn't. He actually had to have an operation at 10 weeks to remove a foreign object from his stomach! So instead of a dog trainer I thought the approach used by a dog behaviourist was more something Oscar and myself would benefit from. Susan was fantastic with Oscar, and me! I had a lot to learn and she never made me feel useless. The practical advice was fantastic and definitely put me and my puppy on the right road. I feel a lot more confident in my own abilities to teach Oscar. I don't know how things would have turned out if Susan hadn't of helped. Oscar probably would have needed more surgery to remove things he had eaten! He still has a bit to go but the improvements are fantastic, He now listens to commands. I have recommended Susan to friends and I nkow they will be as happy as I am."

Miriam (& Oscar)



Fred and Minnie