Code of Conduct

My girl with her best mate

I use Positive Reinforcement methods

This means that I refuse to use force, intimidation, scare tactics, or pain to make a dog do something. Rather the goal is to have a dog that stops showing inappropriate behaviours, or displays desireable behaviours, because it WANTS to do so  and not because it is being forced to do so.

Forcing a dog is not humane and will not change the dog’s motivation (such as self defence). It only causes a downward spiral that will inevitably worsen the fear or defensiveness, ultimately causing the dog more stress and leading to more problems down the line.  There is nothing to be gained by having an adversarial relationship with your dog - you should be working with your dog not against it.


My Code of Conduct

  • I practice reward based desensitisation and counter conditioning methods.  These methods are proven to achieve long term results;
  • I do not adher to, or practice, 'dominance' based training methods.  These methods have been proven to unnecessarily stress dogs and can ultimately make behavioural problems much worse.
  • I am opposed to the use of techniques or equipment that harm, hurt or scare animals;
  • I am committed to ongoing professional development and ensure I keep myself informed of advances in canine behaviour and management .  I evaluate training methods and theories and apply them where applicable for the benefit of my clients;
  • I respect client confidentiality and operate in line with the data protection act;
  • I always put animal welfare at the forefront of my business;
  • I am committed to protecting the health and safety of my clients, their animals and myself in my work.