Frequently asked Questions

One of the Owenbeg Chow Chows

What is the difference between a Dog Behaviourist and a Dog Trainer?

For a Behaviourist the goal is to assess each dog individually and help to modify their behaviour.  Behaviourists encounter dogs who have already developed some type of negative, unwanted or problem behaviour.  We seek to identify and treat the issue; 

kind of like therapists for dogs...

A Dog Trainer is more like a teacher or coach, they equip dogs with the tools they need to perform in a variety of different situations, from basic obedience to agility and more complex service roles.

The role of the Behaviourist is to advise, help and support owners whose pets have developed problem behaviours.  This is different from the training offered by Dog Trainers. 

Behavioural problems include, but are not limited to, such things as aggression towards people, dogs or other animals, destructiveness, separation anxiety, toileting problems, fears and phobias.

How to choose a Behaviourist?

In the largely unregulated industry that is Dog Behaviour and Training it is important that you can be assured that the Behaviourist you choose is not only qualified in dog behaviour through accredited qualifications, backed up by extensive practical experience, but is also committed to on-going learning in this area and is knowledgeable about the latest research into dog behaviour.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the issues involved; but the fee covers an initial consultation lasting around 1-2 hours, the design and delivery of a written behaviour modification plan, a follow up visit to review progress and unlimited phone and email support throughout.

Please contact me to discuss pricing,

How long will it take?

The length of time it takes to eliminate a problem behaviour varies greatly depending on the individual dog and the issues involved.

The follow up visit is usually around 6 weeks after the initial consultation, at which progress is assessed and reviewed.

It Is vital that the owner is fully committed to working through the plan - their part in the plan is as vital as the plan itself.

Is there ongoing support?

The consultation fee not only gets you a behavioural consultation, written plan and follow up but also gives you the reassurance of phone and email support throughout.